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Piercings - Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon after my piercing can I go swimming? 

You should avoid swimming for the whole healing period to avoid infection. Each piercing takes a different length of time to heal. See below.


How long does it take for my piercing to heal?

Healing depends on how well the piercing is taken care of but in general these are the approximate healing times:

Earlobes - 6-8 weeks

Cartilage - 6-9 months

Navel - 6-9 months

Eyebrow - 2-3 months

Nostril - 3-4 months

Septum - 2-3 months

Tongue - 6-8 weeks

Nipples - 6-9 months for females and 4-6 months for males

VCH - 6-8 weeks 

When should I downsize the length of my jewelry (and why)?


Your initial piercing jewelry should leave space to accommodate swelling (A) but a healed piercing should have a comfortable but snug fit (B). This is most important for cartilage and nose piercings. The extra post length can be irritating, get snagged easier, cause irritation bumps to

form or cause a cartilage piercing to start sitting at an odd angle. Depending on the piercing, your anatomy, and other factors we would usually recommend you come back to the studio in 3-6 weeks to downsize your jewelry. You will need to buy a new post but could keep the same top. Some piercings may require multiple fittings to get the perfect size. 

Do I need to buy saline spray or can I just make it myself?

It is recommended that you buy a can of saline solution (wound care) for convenience. However, you can also make your own solution: dissolve 1∕8 to 1⁄4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt into one cup of warm distilled or bottled water. A stronger mixture is not better as a salt solution that is too strong can irritate the piercing. 

What kind of metal do you pierce with?

All of our jewelry is either implant grade surgical steel (ASTM F-138 compliant), titanium (ASTM F-136 compliant) or 14k gold.


Can I bring my own jewelry?

You are welcome to bring your own jewelry if you are certain of the metal quality. The piercer will evaluate if your jewelry is the appropriate size to use for a fresh piercing and will sterilize it before use. However, this does not bring down the price of the piercing. 

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