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Permanent Lip Makeup

⚠️ You should not get a PM procedure if you have one of the following


✅Insulin is a dependent form of diabetes mellitus

✅Diseases associated with a significant decrease in blood clotting

✅Severe somatic diseases

✅Acute inflammatory diseases

✅Mental disorders


✅Hepatitis, HIV, AIDS


⚠️You should be cautious about getting a PM procedure if you have one of the following

✅Breast feeding

✅Moles, warts, papillomas in the tattoo area (or we will bypass them)





✅Individual intolerance to the drugs used, allergies to anesthetics, pigments

✅Bronchial asthma

✅Keloid scars

✅Operations carried out less than 7 months ago

✅Burns (less than 1 year)


During the healing period of permanent makeup (2 weeks), exclude:

✔️Baths, saunas, any methods of steaming

✔️All types of peelings

✔️Physical activity (gym if you sweat a lot)

✔️Swimming pool, sea

✔️Do not take antibiotics (for a month before and after the procedure)


✔️Direct sunlight (for the first month, use 50spf sunscreen on the eyebrow/lip tattoo area)


⚠️Answer if there are any contraindications, or when was the last time you visited the dentist, whether you were allergic to the anesthetic.


⚠️Special condition! 

Please warn, if you have old permanent makeup, or fresh permanent makeup, done 1-3 months ago.


👌It is possible and even better to come with your everyday makeup.

 There is everything you need to remove it if necessary.


✅Important! Before the procedure, the day before, do not drink alcohol, too much of any liquid, coffee, pain relievers and sedatives.

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